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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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      Coravins at The Oxford Wine Company 

      Following the huge success of the Coravin list at The Oxford Wine Café, we have invested in Coravin devices for all OWC retail shops, and every member of our sales team. 

      The Coravin is a device which allows you to extract wine from a bottle, without having to actually open it. Magic! A fine needle pierces the cork, and as wine comes out of the bottle, argon gas goes in. The argon protects the wine from oxidising (it's heavier than oxygen, so forms a protective layer over the wine)

      This means that we will be able to offer a greater number and variety of wines to sample in our shops. Each store will have a selection of wines available to taste via Coravin, selected by the staff. We will also have a range of Coravin products available to buy instore and online - including the devices themselves, spare gas canisters, and aerators. 

      We're very excited about this new development at OWC, and look forward to seeing many of you in store for a sample of something! 

      Date: 20/07/2019 | Author: Emily Silva