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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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      The Oxford Wine School Certificate in Professional Wine Knowledge

      Your wine list has been put together with care and includes a range of well-chosen wines. But how do you make sure that your serving staff are well-equipped to communicate this to your customers? That's where we come in!

      The Oxford Wine School Certificate in Professional Wine Knowledge is a half-day introductory course in wine knowledge for bar and serving staff.

      Run and developed by Oxford Wine School Head Tutor John Shuckburgh DipWSET, the aim of the course is to help you and your staff serve and sell wine with confidence. As well as being an expert in wines and spirits, John has over forty years of experience in hospitality - meaning he has great insight into what the on-trade professional needs to know.

       Key Points: 

      - An informal session with practical information and advice for catering professionals.

      - Delivered with a no-nonsense approach that will de-mystify confusing wine terms and clarify the basics of wine service.

      - A half day course which won't clash with your busy schedule

      Course Syllabus: 

      - Wine production

      - Key types and styles of wine

      - Principle grape varieties

      - Storage and service

      - Wine tasting technique

      - Food and wine matching

      Eight wines of differing styles will be tasted and discussed during the day.

      Attendance on the course is rewarded with 'The Oxford Wine School Certificate in Professional Wine Knowledge'

      The courses will be held at our Wine Warehouse, Standlake or in Central Oxford for up to 10 delegates at a time. Other venues are possible by prior arrangement.

      Full price £69.00 + VAT Discounts available to Oxford Wine Company trade customers.

      For more information, or to book, please contact John Shuckburgh by email at school@oxfordwine.co.uk or by phone on 01865 301144