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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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      Aljoscha Wright - Spirits Buyer & Logistics

      Department: HQ & Accounts

      Telephone: 01865 301144
      Email: aljoscha@oxfordwine.co.uk

      Job: Spirits Buyer & Logistics

      Role: Supplier liaison and product procurement.

      Interests: Rugby, Travel, Shooting and Snowboarding.

      Likes: Guinness, full English breakfast, live rugby, Music and Scotch.

      Dislikes: Red Burgundy, poorly made cocktails and losing.

      If you could be served any food/dish what would it be? Steak and chips.

      If you were a wine which one would it be? Cabernet Franc – underrated but loved.

      What do you like about working with The Oxford Wine Company? Oxford summer and variety.

      What is your most diverse achievement? Bobbing in the Andeman sea off Thailand realising its just a game.

      Which are your most favoured wines? Bordeaux, White Burgundy and everything South African.