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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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       Recent Tastings and Events

      JULY 2019 Masterclass: Fine Wines of Portugal with Raymond Reynolds click here

      JULY 2019 Masterclass: Terroirs of Burgundy with Maison Albert Bichot click here

      JUNE 2019 Masterclass: Wines of the Rhone with Domaine Clavel click here

      MAY 2019 Masterclass: Pioneering South Africa with Bouchard Finlayson click here

      APRIL 2019 Masterclass: Chile and Argentina with Condor wines click here

      MARCH 2019 Masterclass: Cool-Climate Adelaide with Bird in Hand click here

      FEBRUARY 2019 Samples in the Cellar with Emily Silva Vol. 01 click here

      JUNE 2018 Why we love the Languedoc - a Domaine Gayda tasting click here

      MAY 2018 Masterclass: Portugal's Dao with Quinta dos Roques click here

      APRIL 2018 All that Sparkles is not Champagne click here

      APRIL 2018 Tuscany Comes to Turl Street click here

      NOVEMBER 2017 Affordable Bordeaux Tasting click here

      NOVEMBER 2017 Rediscovering Sherry - a whistlestop tour around the world's most underrated wine! click here

      JUNE 2017 Premium Olive Oil Tasting with Nancy Gilchrist - from the grove to the bottle! click here

      FEBRUARY 2017 Wines of Italy with Lee Isaacs - an irreverent trip around Italy in six wines click here

      NOVEMBER 2016 Deutz Classic Champagne Dinner - top quality food and matching Champagne click here

      JULY 2016 The Furleigh Estate - A Fascinating Look at An Award Winning English Winery click here

      MAY 2016 Spanish Sensations Tasting  click here 

      FEBRUARY 2016 Chile v Argentina - A Comparative Tasting click here 

      NOVEMBER 2015 The Annual Oxford Wine Fair  click here 

      MAY 2015 World Class Riesling - The Wines of Dr Loosen click here

      FEBRUARY 2015  Into the Heart of South Africa  click here

      FEBRUARY 2015 Nyetimber - World Class Champagne Quality UK Sparkling Wine with Neil Irvine click here

      JANUARY 2015 A Fistful of Dollars click here 

      NOVEMBER 2014 Spirits Buyer Aljoscha Wright Attends the Diago Whisky Release Tasting click here