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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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      In collaboration with The Oxford Cycle Bus company, The Oxford Wine Company have introduced a fun, bespoke mobile wine tasting tour. 

      The normal format would start with a tasting at our Turl Street shop in the centre of Oxford. The group (maximum 12 people) would cycle the bus with great vigour to the Oxford parks where another wine is tasted in a beautiful tranquil setting before heading off on the cobbled streets of Merton or the meadows of Christchurch where more wine is tasted before arriving at The Oxford Wine Café to taste the final wines.

      All tours can be adapted to a number of different formats dependent on your needs and of course it is easy to combine an educational tour of Oxford with a wine tasting. 

      Please contact Jon Little at jonlittle67@gmail.com who can advise you on the various formats available and arrange a booking.