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    2. 巨鳄娱乐

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      The International Wine Challenge

      The International Wine Challenge was the first and is still the most prestigious of the UK's wine award competitions. Every year importers submit thousands of wines to the IWC for judging. The initial tasting by the judges takes a few days - they weed out the poorer wines and award Gold, Silver, Bronze and Commended medals to the better ones. Then the remaining wines are re-tasted by "Super Judges" who are comprised of some of the most experienced tasters in the wine trade who   re-check the results. It's a very thorough judging process and after the results are announced each year the medal winning wines are marked with stickers in wine shops and online by many merchants.

      However it is important to point out that a substantial number of wines win gold, silver, bronze and commended and any wine in these categories will be judged to have achieved a certain standard. For example the "Bronze" does not mean that the wine came third in its category but instead demonstrates a quality level of assurance. Below is a list of the IWC medal winning wines that we stock from this year:

      Trophy Winners from the International Wine Challenge

      To Be Announced! 

      Gold Medal Awarded Wines from the International Wine Challenge