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      Sherry - The World's Most Underrated Wine

      Xeres, Jerez, Sherry, Granny’s tipple; whatever you call it - for me this southern Spanish region produces the most unique, diverse and undervalued wine in the world.

      Date: 24th October 2017 | Author:

      Wine trends

      Trends in wine are a funny thing. We’re all familiar with the biggest trend in recent years - everyone drinking bottom end Chardonnay from the supermarkets and suddenly no one touching it but drinking Pinot Grigio instead (though that’s an old example and Pinot Grigio is now gradually on the way out itself). But who actually sets the trend? Well it’s not the wine trade – although sometimes there is a bit of a trickle down effect from the trade to the public. The trend, in most cases, comes from the wine drinking public with the wine trade following in their footsteps to supply the styles of wine that they want.

      Date: 14th September 2017 | Author: Theo Sloot

      English Wine and Food Pairings

      In honour of English Wine Month, Matthew talks about pairing our long-established English cuisine with our comparatively new wine production.

      Date: 31st August 2017 | Author:

      Wine Trips Abroad - Theo Sloot feels the pinch on a wine trip...

      “So you’re in the wine trade? Wow, that must be interesting! So you go abroad a lot to all kinds of interesting places and taste loads of wine?” Well, actually it’s not quite like that… “But I bet you have a fantastic time – I wish I had your job.”

      Everyone in the wine trade is used to this kind of response from someone on first hearing what your job is, and their preconceptions are accurate some of the time, but things are never quite what they seem.

      Theo takes you for an inside view of the wine industry.

      Date: 24th August 2017 | Author: Theo Sloot

      Chilled Red Wine

      Many red wines in restaurants, pubs and even at wine tasting events are served too warm. The main reason for chilling some reds is to moderate the harsh aroma of alcohol and to bring out the fruity and aromatic characteristics within the wine. It can also provide another level of re-freshment and enjoyment along with unlocking some new and exciting food and wine pairings.

      Date: 21st August 2017 | Author:

      An Early History of Winemaking

      An informative and irreverent look at the origins of winemaking from The Oxford Wine Company's Theo Sloot. Follow the path of the ancient vine from the Black Sea to Marseilles, with special mention to Noah, Pythagaros and of course the Romans.

      Date: 7th August 2017 | Author: Theo Sloot

      Tasting Wine

      Tasting wine is a subjective business. In the wine trade we try hard to be as objective as possible, but ultimately that's an impossible task. We all have our own preferences for certain styles of wine so naturally we mark the wines we like higher than those we don't.

      Date: 24th July 2017 | Author: Theo Sloot

      Storing Wine

      If you find your wine collection expanding to more than just the odd bottle or two, it may be time to start thinking carefully about how you’re storing it. Take a look at the tips below, and hopefully you can maximise the chances of your special bottles still being special when you decide to open them!

      Date: 20th July 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

      Top Ten Beer and Food Pairings

      Ten combinations that prove food pairings shouldn't be for wine alone!

      Date: 26th May 2017 | Author: Emily Silva

      Ted Sandbach Named in Top 100 Most Influential People in Wine

      Ted was mentioned in Drinks Retailing Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential People in Wine this month.

      Date: 19th May 2017 | Author: Aljoscha Wright

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